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I didn't realize until yesterday that I accidentally blocked everyone to add comments to my blog for a while. I was trying to reply to some comments and even when comments were enabled, the Submit button was not doing a postback. At first I thought it was because I changed my template and added a bunch of CSS overrides, but that was not the problem.

The problem (in case this is happening to you) is that I added a Technorati script to my blog. The script contains another form, so when the blog is rendered you have a form inside a form, and that's why a Submit button can't do postback.

Everything started working when I removed the script, so if you want to leave comments, you can do it now.

I apologize for the inconvenience,


Comments (3)

  1. XL-Dennis says:

    Hi Erika,

    Thanks for letting us make comments here on Your blog 😉

    A huge Thank You for the draft of the Roadmap. I believe many with me have been looking forward to take part of it and it will be of interest to take part of the final version.

    All the very best from,


  2. Ross says:

    Dennis what are you doing here?

    ps. sorry for Hi jacking you post Erika!

    Best Regards


  3. Dennis!

    It’s an honor to have someone like you reading my blog :). I loved your site:


    Thanks for hi jacking my post, you reminded me that I need to blog :).

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