Developer Map for the 2007 Microsoft Office System – Image Map (draft)

We have been saying everywhere that "the Microsoft Office System is a complete set of client applications, servers, and services that provide organizations with the means to create, manage, and enhance business solutions." We have also published a full load of content for every product since Beta 2. Yet, we realize that as a developer, sometimes it's hard to understand the big picture and how all the little pieces (features and product specifics) can work together to help you build a real-world solution.

Office is a huge family of products and technologies and we have been working with all product teams to create an overall map that helps developers to visually understand how all the pieces of the puzzle relate to each other, but more important, provide information of where on MSDN you can find technical documentation related to specific features. We want to go deep to namespaces, class members, and schemas for each product to list them all together on a single place.

As you can imagine, space is a huge limitation. While trying to put all this together, I happen to agree with the "Microsoft 2007 Office system – It's more than you think" slogan. Office is HUGE and there's limited space to place all PIA objects, namespaces, web services, product features, schemas, names, descriptions and relationships for more than 25 products and technologies. However, we have found a great way to summarize the most relevant ideas and make it fit all together.

I can share with you that I have found the exercise to be fascinating. Just imagine how much fun we've had having on a single meeting room PMs for all product teams + Developer Platform Evangelism + Marketing + Office Developer Documentation group and work together as a team to build the treasure map.

We are about to conclude this project, but in the meantime, I just couldn't wait to share with you a small version of our treasure map. I built this conceptual diagram using PowerPoint 2007 and then generated an image map that provides links to places on MSDN and You can hover the map and drill-down to find detailed information for each product and technology. Of course, this is a petite version, but soon, you'll get the complete treasure map.

So here goes...



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  1. Erika Ehrli recently blogged about how Office products and technologies relate to each other, and how

  2. roky says:

    Hey Erika! This treasure map is awesome, thanks for posting it !

    Actually I’m doing some Office System 2007 training stuff for a developers in Mexico and this map will help a lot the attendees to see the big picture as you said.  I can’t wait for the final version.



  3. Hi Roky!

    Glad you liked it, we are getting ready to finish the treasure map. Tell me more about your training, I am from Mexico and I am interested in learning what kind of training you are doing.

  4. roky says:

    Hey Erika!  I’m doing the Office 2007 Beta Touchdown for Developers training around the country on behalf of Microsoft. This training is aimed for developers trying to upgrade their skills to the new Office System 2007.  We see a lot of new stuff like the new Open XML Format, benefits with VSTO and Office 2007, new features in SharePoint 2007, InfoPath 2007, etc.

    Didn’t knew you’re from Mexico, so I just have to say: Excelente trabajo Erika! Espero seguir en contacto contigo 😉


    Rodrigo DC


  5. Rodrigo

    Suerte con tu curso!

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    Awesome.  Thanks for sharing this Erika.  

  7. Another great post from Erika. Definitely keep an eye on her blog . She’s posted this image map for developers.

  8. Doug Mahugh says:

    Don Campbell beat me to it, but this is so good I want to mention it too: MSDN’s Erika Ehrli has posted

  9. roky's blog says:

    Como parte de este programa de capacitación para Office System 2007 Beta 2, los cuales se han impartido…

  10. Erika Ehrli says:

    The Developer Map for the 2007 Microsoft Office system provides an overview of all the Office system programs, servers, services, and tools that will help developers to build solutions. Download the poster today and dive into the whole galaxy of Office

  11. Office 2007 (a.k.a "The 2007 Office System" ) is huge !! it’s an amalgamations of PIA objects, namespaces,

  12. Erika Ehrli says:

    You never know what surprises each day will bring to you. Two days ago I didn’t know today was the day

  13. elexx-zw says:

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