Football World Cup 2006 Excel workbooks

Have you ever thought about all the data that is stored in Microsoft Office Excel workbooks around the world? Excel workbooks are an extraordinary data store, but they also offer great potential as a resource of dynamic information that can move across data-management workflows and business processes.

The previous paragraph was stolen from my last column. Of course, when I wrote this article I was not thinking about some other cool and interesting data that you can store in Excel workbooks. My mind is set to think about Office programs as work-related applications and I am always thinking about ways that will help developers discover cool features (such as SpreadsheetML) to solve business problems. I sometimes forget about all the fun that applications like Excel can provide.

The 2006 Fifa World Cup is starting this month, and some people are starting to create Excel templates that can help you keep track of the results of the game matches for you.

You can download the 2006 World Cup Tracker. An Excel template published recently on Office Online (English version).

I am also attaching a very cool Excel workbook (Mundial 2006) that my friend Juan Balmori from Mexico shared with me. This Excel workbook helps to track game statistics and is a great option if you are looking for a template in Spanish.

Also, Franck Halmaert, the Office PM in France, sent me this great link for a French version.

Have fun watching the games and forget about work for a while :).


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  1. I got email from Franck Haelmart, the Office PM in France and updated my blog entry to include a pointer to a French version.


    Dear Erika,

    I am the Office PM in France.

    I saw your great post about XLS for the World Cup.

    We also have one in French that is very popular (more than 30k downloads).

    Do not hesitate to promote it if you want.


    Best Regards,



  2. marten says:

    hi Erika ,

    i read your article about the worldcup soccer with excel with interest, especially because i also made something, with ms access and excel, see my website for  more info and a free (demo)download:

    for more info, u can mail me

  3. Thanks for the pointer Marten. This is a cool way to use Access and Excel <g>.

  4. Hi, I have an excel sheet that tracks the games with player and team stats as well as match updates.

  5. ALX AND1N0 says:

    Hi Erika,

    I am a salvadorean developer and I love Excel.

    I have the pleasure to share with you this dynamic schedule of Germany 2006 that I made.


    · Available in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

    · Easy configuration to show the matches schedules for more than 200 countries.

    · It indicates the day of the week for each match, taking that data from the regional settings in the user’s computer operative system.

    · It contains links that allows to navigate between the different sheets of the file.

    · It automatically classifies the winners to the following round on the basis of the introduced results.

    · It orders the table of positions from greater to minor according to the criteria of points, particular series, goals difference and goals maximum.

    · In case of tie in all the criteria already mentioned, it allows to introduce the order of the teams according to the FIFA’s drawing result.

    · In case of tie from round of sixteen to finals, it shows the cells to register the penal shots series.

    · The file is very light, approximately 350k

    · You can see it in any video resolution (800×600, 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×720, 1280×768, 1280×960, 1280×1024).

    · There is a version in white color and another one in black color.

    · Even though their advantages are greater if it is used electronically, has been optimized for printing.

    · It includes a security certificate so that you do not have problems with the macros.

    · And the best thing…is completely free.

  6. syedimran says:

    please send my the excel workbook

  7. arif says:

    I need a paragraph about fifa world cup 2006

  8. marten says:

    Hi Erika,

    Some time ago I informed you about an Access-application that I made to track the World Cup and to organize a gamble-pool, Match 2.0.

    I used it during the WC, and put in all scores, players etc., so Match contains now all competition-data: results, standings, top-scorers etc.

    I also made some enhancements on Match, which is now version 2.1

    If you are interested in this version, you can find it on my download website, see:

    Also the user manual and readme-file have been updated (so to version 2.1).

    On this website I also put some Excel-documents, e.g.:

    * all statistics I made during the Worldcup (e.g. with graphs)

    * all match-results (on 1 A4).

    These files you can find on:

    Take care,


  9. Antwan says:

    I would like to know if any one knows how to create that world cup tracker over with groups of 7 instead of 4. I am organizing a kids league and it is four group with 6 – 7 teams and I would like to have four tables with the set teams from each group in it. Can any one help me, please contact me at

  10. Stephen says:


    I’m currently undertaking an assignment to create a database to record statistics regarding Euro 2008 qualifying – the only hitch is I have to do it using Microsoft Access ONLY – any ideas would be welcomed???

  11. tamer says:

    ايه الفزباله ونكنكه دي ياولد الكلب

  12. maarten says:

    hi stephen,

    i made an access-app for soccer fifa worldcup 2006, which you can download at:

    good luck,

    maarten van reek

  13. Marten says:

    I have made a new version of Match (MS Access app. for sports-competions), which can be used for UEFA Eurocup soccer championship 2008

    (Euro 2008). You can download a test-version from:


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