More news on 2007 Microsoft Office System

Hi all,

Just a little blog entry to let you know about a new MSDN TV show and a new section of MSDN where we will start adding 2007 Microsoft Office System content.

The new MSDN TV Show: Building Custom Solutions with Excel Services

Danny Khen and Shahar Prish recorded an MSDN TV show about Excel Services that you should not miss.

Danny Khen and Shahar Prish talk about and demonstrate Excel Services.




Excel Services let users calculate, display, and explore Excel workbooks on the server side. This presentation covers the reasons behind Excel Services, the benefits of using them, and a demonstration of using a Web service to incorporate Excel-based business logic into your own server solutions.

Danny and Shahar start by talking about the new features and potential development scenarios where you can use Excel Services and close their show with a great demo where you get to see some code. They run an ASP.NET web form that queries an Excel Spreadsheet using Excel Services.

Future Versions

Last Friday we launched a new page where we will start adding 2007 Office System content. Visit the Future Versions page to learn more about what's new for developers in the 2007 Microsoft Office System.



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