Office 2007 and SharePoint PDC recorded sessions

Some time ago I shared a pointer to the Office & SharePoint PDC '05 slide decks. I just got in my Inbox a pointer to the PDC '05 recorded sessions and I just wanted to share the pointer with all of you in case you didn't know about them:

Slide decks are quite informative, but it's never the same compared to the opportunity of watching the speaker in action talking about a feature/product and of course, you get to see more than a slide that says : Demo.

This recorded sessions are public. However, they won't be live for much longer, so you'd better hurry up and have fun watching some of these sessions.

I hope you like 'em.


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  1. Imtiyaz says:


  2. Brian Mulder says:

    Many thanks for posting these. This is great stuff to look forward to, especially with no beta at hand.

  3. unclejim says:

    Link is still not working, "Page not found"

  4. This recorded sessions are public.

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