MS + Office + Channel 9: Meet the guys, learn about new features, and have a good laugh

The Channel 9 team has defined a new level of communication between Microsoft and developers and one of the most popular content items offered on this space are video interviews. The interesting thing about these videos is that they allow us to see the human being behind the technology and learn more about the possibilities offered by a product or feature.

The video interviews are done to different Microsoft personalities in a casual way described by Scoble as "peer-to-peer over a beer." Once the interview is recorded, the Channel 9 team publishes and developers are able to comment and ask questions related to the interview through a forum. These videos are state-of-the-art for self training, it only takes you some minutes to learn something new, and by the way, they are hilarious.

The Channel 9 team has done some video interviews related with 2007 Microsoft® Office system (Office "12") that you should not miss:

We are working together to offer more videos related with Office development. I think it's an interesting opportunity to meet all the great people that have been working with Office and to learn more about the cool things you will be able to implement thanks to the 2007 Microsoft® Office system.

Comments (2)

  1. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    I am surprised there is not more videos related to usability tests. When you make drastic UI and look and feel changes, you would think that has been driving the teams internally for years. That so little videos are actually showing those labs is questionable, at least if we are talking about openness.

    It’s fine to see people show features in those videos currently published, but frankly if you give a Flash feature tour, it would result in the same thing.

  2. Stephane,

    I appreciate your feedback. I will redirect your suggestion to the Office UI team.

    Channel 9 video interviews allow you to meet the guy and see the feature. However, if you only want to see the feature in action, you have the option to see a Channel 9 screencast. Here is a good sample:

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