Visio Connector for Project/EPM/SPS

You should check this out! Imtiyaz Mubarak (a developer, Microsoft Parter, and friend from India) along with Chris Castillo from the Visio team created and published a component that provides a Visio Add-In and a Project Add-In that integrates Visio 2003, Project Server and MS SharePoint Server. This component allows you to:

  • Generate Project Plans from the Visio Process Flow  Diagrams.
  • Generate Project Plans from WBS.
  • Generate SharePoint Tasks from the Visio Process Flow Diagrams.
  • Report the Status of the tasks from Microsoft Project Plan stored locally or in a Project Server.
  • Report the Status of the tasks from Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.
  • Generate a Portfolio View in Visio from Microsoft Project Server.
  • Generate Visio Process Flow Diagram from MS Project Plan through MS Project Add-Ins.

This component is published in GotDotNet and it’s really cool. This is the kind of stuff that solves business needs and I love that it integrates different Office technologies. I am sharing with you the link where you can download the solution along with source code and a document that explains the architecture and code.

 This is good stuff!

Comments (15)

  1. Ricalo says:

    And it also works with Visio 2007 – Project 2007 (not the Project Server features though).

  2. Niranjan says:

    hi Erika

    really that is really good tool for creating project plan in Visio and then export it into MS Project as well as  in Share Point. also reverse procedure for creating WBS task in Visio from MS Project.

    ME ( Niranjan Ameta) and Harindra was collegue  of Imtiyaz that time. . we wordked hard on this Project and got success.


    Niranjan Ameta

    MCTS ( Share Point Server)

  3. Miguel says:

    Link to download is not working…where did the connector go??

  4. Silke says:


    unfortunately all download links are "dead". Where can I get this software?

    Thanks a lot.


  5. Abhi says:

    It is a great tool but some features such as rotating right to left and curved flow connectors does not work.

    Can we download the source code for the WBS Modeler?

  6. Ruchini says:

    WBS modeler doesn’t have some of the useful features which Visio Connector for Project/EPM/SPS got. Isn’t there anyway to download the Visio Connector. Please help

  7. Niranjan says:


    You can download from ( Microsoft user sample) where you can search by project name "Visio Connector Project /EPM/SPS"


    Niranjan Amtea

    MCTS ( Share Point)

  8. BL says:

    The GotDotNet site has been shut down.  Is there any place where we can download these tools?

  9. Koby says:

    the code is not there. how can I get the

    Visio Connector for Project/EPM/SPS.

  10. Trutz-Seabstian Stephani says:

    I would be also interested if the source code or the original download is available somewhere, as we would like to connect Project 2007 with Visio 2003. The WBS Modeler cannot be used in this scenario.

  11. A says:

    has anyone managed to get Visio Connector for Project/EPM/SPS?

    if so please let us know

  12. robert says:

    can anyone shed some light as to why the visio wbs chart wizard has been removed from project 2007, is it available in project 2010?

  13. Alex says:

    I have the same problem not done yet. I downloaded the WBS Modeler, but it doesn't work, it doesn't raise up in visio menu. Anybody can help me this way please?

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