Office "12" bloggers list

To view the list of Office "12" bloggers from my previous blog entry you must have Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later and the Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components.

For those of you that have a different browser here's the list:

Topic Owner Name URL RSS feed
Access 12 Erik Rucker A discussion of what's new in Access 12
Document Services (ECM) Rob Lefferts Office SharePoint Document Services (ECM)
Excel 12 Dave Gainer Microsoft Excel 12
FrontPage 12 Rob Mauceri Rob Mauceri's FrontPage Blog
Groove Mark Olson Marc's blog about the integration of Groove into Office 12.
InfoPath 12 Tudor Toma InfoPath 12 - Tudor Toma
Office 12 (General) Erika Ehrli Adventures in Office Development and .NET
Office 12 (General) John Durant Office and a short, bald man
Office 12 (General) Steven Sinofsky Steven Sinofsky's Microsoft TechTalk
Office 12 Help Mike Kelly From my Office to Yours
Office 12 New User Interface Jensen Harris Jensen Harris  An Office User Interface Blog
Office 12 New XML File Format Brian Jones Brian Jones  Office XML Formats
OneNote 12 Chris Pratley Chris Pratley's OneNote Blog
OneNote 12 Owen Braun Owen Braun  OneNote 12
Outlook 12 Melissa MacBeth Tasks and Time Management in Outlook
Outlook 12 Michael Affronti michael affronti | microsoft outlook program manager
Outlook 12 Will Kennedy Outlook 12
Outlook 12 Extensibility Ryan Gregg Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability
PDF Support in Office 12 Cyndy Wessling Save as PDF in Office "12"
Presentation and Graphics Brendan Busch Brendan Busch's blog on PowerPoint 12
Project 12 Dieter Zirkler Dieter's ProjBlog
Publisher 12 Jeff Bell On Microsoft Publisher and more
SharePoint Products and Technologies Mike Fitz SharePoint Products and Technologies
SharePoint Products and Technologies SharePoint Team A blog from the SharePoint Development Team
SharePoint Products and Technologies WCM Team Web Content Management in Office "12"
Visio 12 Eric Rockey What's new in Visio 12
VSTO VSTO Team Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System
Windows Sharepoint Services PJ Hough Windows Sharepoint Services etc
Word 12 Joe Friend Joe Friend  Microsoft Office Word
XPS and Windows Digital Documents Andy Simonds My blog (Andy, GPM in Windows) about XPS and the Windows Digital Documents Team.

Comments (21)

  1. Volkan says:

    Many thanks for this very good list!

  2. ekampf says:

    I think publishing an OPML would have been a better choice than an Excel table…

  3. El Bruno says:

    Nive work ..

    I just started to do some work with Office 12, and your blog is the starter point to a lot of interesting stuff !!!

    Thanks 😀

    Bye from Spain

  4. Ryan Bedell says:

    We are aggregating most of these Office 12 blogs over at our new Office 12 zone on

    Erika, I added your blog as well to our list.

    Thanks for the good work!

  5. Thanks to Volkan, Eran, Ryan and muchas gracias to El Bruno for your comments!

    I just found another Publisher "12" blog and I will add it to the list.

    Publisher 12

    Rob Dolin


    I will be creating an external list of Office "12" bloggers so if you have seen a great blog please let me know to add to the list.


  6. Found another one!

    PowerPoint 12

    Brendan Busch

    Welcome to PowerPoint 12!

  7. anon says:

    I don’t think Cyndy Wessling is supervising SaveAsPDF anymore. She even moved to another team. Jeff Bell seems to have taken over.

  8. shane perran says:

    Great list, it’s nice to have a consolidated list. It may help to add the <a href’s rather than having to cut/paste 🙂


  9. For those who aggregate my feed and do not often visit the blog iteself… I’ve updated my SharePoint…

  10. Erika Ehrli says:

    Complete list of Office bloggers on MSDN Office Developer Center.

  11. Bill Gate’s – SharePoint&amp;nbsp;Conference 2006:

    Bill Gates – SharePoint Conference 2006


  12. Along with classes, books, whitepapers, labs and newsgroups, blogs are a FANTASTIC learning resource.

  13. Erika Ehrli says:

    It all started with a few bloggers a little before Beta 2. People started blogging about the Ribbon,

  14. Roberdan says:

    Beta2TR Recommendations: Customers still running MOSS Beta 2 TR should take action before code expires

  15. joeloleson says:

    Didn’t know this existed, but it looks like you’re missing my blog:

    as well as the ECM blog

  16. Beta2TR Recommendations: Customers still running MOSS Beta 2 TR should take action before code expires

  17. 2007 MOSS Resource Links (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) Here is an assortment of various 2007 Microsoft

  18. Free SharePoint Web Parts (3rd Party) Konrad Brunner – UGS&#39;s Web Parts (broken link 8/25) Document

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