How to programmatically generate Microsoft Excel AutoFiltered Lists with C#

One of my favorite features in Microsoft Excel is AutoFilter. I love to manage lists of data in Excel where I can organize, sort, and filter my information in different columns. Filtering is a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a range. A filtered range displays only the rows that…


Visit the new InfoPath Developer Portal

The Office Developer Center has a new version of the InfoPath Developer Portal. Visit this portal to find InfoPath articles, blogs, newsgroup threads, code samples, getting started resources, labs, webcasts, and more.  


My two cents… (as my team says)

I remember many days (and nights too) when I was desperate trying to find some source code, conceptual or procedural documentation related to a specific technology and I just could not find the exact line of code that I was looking for. I remember also how grateful I felt when I found an article in…


Host an Interactive Visio Drawing Surface in .NET Custom Clients

I was making some research on Visio development for managed applications and I found this interesting article that explains in detail how to integrate an interactive Visio drawing board to your managed applications. Host an Interactive Visio Drawing Surface in .NET Custom Clients I have some friends from MCS that used the Visio Drawing Component for a project,…


Getting the best out of bookmarks in Microsoft Word

Suppose you have a .NET application that needs to open a Word document and insert data from a database or from an XML file. To provide this functionality, Microsoft Word documents contain bookmarks, a set of “placeholders” that allow you to insert text at design time and runtime. I want to share with you some…


Office "12" supports "Save As PDF"

I didn’t know about that, but Office Online receives over 120,000 queries per month requesting the ability to “save as PDF” in Office! Microsoft has LISTENED to customers and has an answer for a common need. Steven Sinofsky announced this weekend at the MVP Summit another great feature provided by Office “12:” “Office Word, Excel,…