Starting a new adventure…

Greetings fellow developers!

My name is Erika Ehrli and I am the new Site Manager of the MSDN Office Developer Center (ODC). I will continue the awesome work that John Durant -the short bald man - started. Today I am starting a new adventure by using this space as my definite stop to share with you code samples, thoughts, and tips that I have learned to get the best of Office client applications and servers.

I want to start my blog by sharing with you what moves me to be here: I am a developer, and as many developers around the world, I have been faced with the constant change of technology. As developers we are always exposed to new and better ways to create software and we have a constant need to obtain information and resources to learn how to build solutions and integrate technology to solve our business needs or our customer's needs. We are always demanding to find accurate samples, source code, conceptual and procedural documentation, and of course, the sooner we find it the better.

I admire all the people who use their talent and knowledge to create whitepapers, code samples, blogs, and tools to help other people to get the best out of software. Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to make a difference in other developers’ experience with technology, so here I am starting my own way to contribute and enjoying this great opportunity to become one of the voices for the Office development story.




Comments (2)

  1. TINEL Baptiste says:;

    All that is very interesting.

    Do you know how i can work with excel from winform.NET ? For example i want to calculate and extract informations from a source (not a DataBase) and export them in a sheet of a workbook for the user.


  2. Jim says:

    Welcome, Erika, you have a greate blog!

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