Generating Active Directory Diagrams with Visio 2003 and Visual Studio .NET 2003

Last week we published a new Office Talk column: Generating Active Directory Diagrams with Visio 2003 and Visual Studio .NET 2003. I am very happy about this and I have to say that I had a lot of fun writing this article and code. Everything started back in September at PDC when I met with a…


Extracting Microsoft Office Application Properties without automation

Every file created by a Microsoft Office application supports a set of built-in document properties. In addition, you can add your own custom properties to an Office document either manually or through code. You can use document properties to create, maintain, and track information about an Office document such as when it was created, who…


How to indent an XML file or document

Office has a deeper integration with XML technology and developers are always looking for tips and tricks to work with XML documents. Office provides support to work with XML and you might be one of those developers that is programmatically generating Word documents (using WordprocessingML) , Excel spreadsheets (using SpreadsheetML), PowerPoint slides (using PresentationML), or Visio…


Visual Studio 2005 Launch and my favorite features

Today is a great day for Microsoft: Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and Biztalk were launched. I want to share with you the list of my favorite Visual Studio 2005 features and some pointers to articles, videos, code samples, and sites where you can find further information: Visual Studio Tools for Office: You can…


How to: Uploading a File to a SharePoint Library Site from a Local Folder

I am currently developing an application that will help my team (Office Developer Documents) to manage all the metadata associated with the publishing process in MSDN. The name of the tool is Rawhide and it’s a Web-based application. I am really excited of developing this tool because I am working with Whidbey, ASP.NET 2.0, SQL…


Microsoft announces Windows Live™ and Microsoft® Office Live

Technology and the Internet created an information revolution that has changed our lives. Today, Bill Gates announced a new set of internet-based services that change the delivery and business models for software. Microsoft has been quite successful with X-Box live and I can tell you that I have seen that having a “live” game completely modifies…


How to programmatically generate Microsoft Excel AutoFiltered Lists with C#

One of my favorite features in Microsoft Excel is AutoFilter. I love to manage lists of data in Excel where I can organize, sort, and filter my information in different columns. Filtering is a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a range. A filtered range displays only the rows that…


Visit the new InfoPath Developer Portal

The Office Developer Center has a new version of the InfoPath Developer Portal. Visit this portal to find InfoPath articles, blogs, newsgroup threads, code samples, getting started resources, labs, webcasts, and more.  


My two cents… (as my team says)

I remember many days (and nights too) when I was desperate trying to find some source code, conceptual or procedural documentation related to a specific technology and I just could not find the exact line of code that I was looking for. I remember also how grateful I felt when I found an article in…


Host an Interactive Visio Drawing Surface in .NET Custom Clients

I was making some research on Visio development for managed applications and I found this interesting article that explains in detail how to integrate an interactive Visio drawing board to your managed applications. Host an Interactive Visio Drawing Surface in .NET Custom Clients I have some friends from MCS that used the Visio Drawing Component for a project,…