Easy SharePoint 2010 Setup for Developers on Windows 7

Chris Johnson and Paul Stubbs have released some PowerShell scripts that make it easy to setup SharePoint 2010 on a Windows 7 developer workstation.  These scripts will install and configure the prerequisites to get up and running with SharePoint development.  All of the source is provided, so you can customize it.  Out of the box it will help you install:

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Blog TOC
•             SharePoint Server 2010 + pre-requisites (Standalone)

•             Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition

•             Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio

•             Expression Studio 4 Ultimate

•             Open XML SDK

•             Visual Studio SDK

•             Visual Studio SharePoint Power Tools

•             Office 2010 Professional Plus

•             SharePoint Designer 2010

•             Visio 2010

Chris Johnson has a walk-through guide, as well as details on where to download.

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  1. ThxEric says:

    I tried this. I can use the IW Demo on another machine, but the laptop I was hoping to use for presentations only has 4GB, so I hoped the Easy Setup on Win 7 might be an alternative.

    Once the installation completed I found that although Word Automation Services was running, Excel Services was not. Is this expected behavior with this demo? Should I install Office Web Apps to get Excel Services?

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