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J.P. Bagel (my manager’s manager) has posted a new job opening for a content manager in our group.  One defining characteristic of our group is that turnover is super-low.  Many of my colleagues have been in this group and reporting to JP for many years.  People are happy in this group!  Plus, we get to write about super-cool technology that is used by hundreds of millions.  So if you’re an experienced content manager in the market for a job, check it out.

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  1. frederikm says:


    your link points to microsoft outlook web access, not any publicly available document..

  2. Hi, sorry about that, I've fixed the link.

  3. brian salmon says: jobs paying a high rate. advanced comprehension skills wanted!

    These USA Clients pay an ADVANCED RATE, higher then normal, for VB.NET programmers who have the great ability to READ SPECIFICATIONS COMPLETELY without help from anyone!  If You have this ability to read many pages of specs without needing help? I need You on this project. No "drama" from asking questions that are already in the spec!  Ronnie

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