Increasing Performance of Word Automation for large amount of data using Open Xml SDK

Sometimes in the process of building a managed add-in, you want to insert a large amount of content into a document – perhaps hundreds of paragraphs or hundreds of rows in a table.  Using Word automation can be slow.  It was not designed for this scenario.  But there is a way to dramatically speed up this process by processing/creating Open XML from within the managed add-in using the Open XML SDK.  The MSDN article, Using Open XML to Improve Automation Performance in Word 2010 for Large Amounts of Data by four developers from Microsoft Consulting Services, shows how to create content from within a managed add-in using the Open XML SDK.  You can then insert that content in a small fraction of the time that it would take to use traditional Word automation.

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  1. Craig Butler says:

    Is there a way you can fix the broken link to the sample code?  


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