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Converting a Facebook stream into an Open XML spreadsheet

This sample is an example of an app which pulls down a stream and puts it into a nicely formatted Open XML spread sheet using PHPExcel. The spreadsheet reorganizes posts into a time log with rows showing the person’s photo, their name (with a link back to their profile), the actual message from the post and the time and date of the post.

Accessing the C# code from PowerTools for Open XML in a .NET application

This is an interesting article that shows how you can take advantage of the C# code that sits behind the PowerTools for Open XML.  He recreates in C# the PowerShell application that Lawrence Hodson wrote for this article.  The primary purpose of the PowerTools for Open XML isn’t to provide a C# library for developers to use.  Its main purpose is to provide example code and guidance for the types of things you commonly want to do with Open XML.  That said, this is an interesting article that shows how to look around inside the PowerTools source code, and to use the DocumentBuilder class (from C#) to generate a nicely formatted word processing document.

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