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Open XML Developer

This blog is inactive.
New blog:

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There are some great new articles:

Introduction to the Open XML SDK 2.0

XSLT transforming XML to Open XML using Java

OPC Team Blog

The Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) team here at Microsoft has started a new blog.  They’ve started off a series of posts with Adventures in Packaging Episode 1.  I see more and more opportunities to take advantage of OPC, and it’s clear that other folks do too.

LoBand and PDA Views of MSDN Content

If you haven’t seen this before, the Lo Band and PDA views of MSDN content ROCK!  I spend a fair amount of time on the bus.  I use the PDA view on my phone to fill in gaps in my knowledge on the .NET framework.  Check out the LINQ to XML docs on your phone: J  The Library Experience team (LEX) has a great blog post that details the new views of MSDN content.

MSDN Code Search

The MSDN Code Search Preview lets you search for code in the MSDN Library, MSDN Code Gallery, and CodePlex.  This is a much-needed addition to developer’s toolkits.

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