Two New Articles on Open XML: Using XSLT with Open XML Documents, and an Open XML Crawler

There is a new article, Use XSLT to transform XML to OpenXML, on the web site on using XSLT to create Open XML documents.  With this approach, you first create a template of the document that you want to create, with all appropriate styles, etc.  You retrieve the main document part from your ‘template’ document, and create an XSLT using it as the base.  You then modify the XSLT, using appropriate XSLT constructs to inject content at relevant places.  You then use a small C# program, OOXMLSpike.exe, which invokes the transform, generates a new main document part, and creates a new document.  OOXMLSpike is a very small program that uses the Open XML SDK.

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There is another article that I'd like to point out - an Open XML crawler example, that shows how to crawl a number of Open XML documents, and discover properties of documents.

Pretty cool, check it out.

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