Ecma General Assembly Ratifies IS29500 as Ecma 376 v.2 Standard

On Thursday, December 4, 2008 the Ecma General Assembly voted to approve Ecma 376 Edition 2 which is aligned on IS29500. This is good news for the Open XML standard and is the last step in the standardization effort for Open XML in Ecma  - started 3 nearly years ago at the December 15, 2005 Ecma General Assembly.  Doug Mahugh has a post that gives more information.  There is an official Ecma statement on it here.

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This is what Paul Lorimer (Group Program Manager, Office Interoperability) had to say:

“We believe that Ecma’s decision to approve ECMA376 Edition 2, which adopts the changes made to ECMA 376 Edition 1 found in IS29500, is a step forward for the industry and shows that the consensus-building process worked – the input from an unprecedented number of technical experts from around the world has greatly improved the Open XML specification.   Microsoft is committed to supporting the IS29500 standard in our products, and we will continue to work with standards bodies, governments and the industry to promote greater interoperability and innovation.”

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  1. Dernier post Open XML sur mon blog avant les fêtes de fin d’année, avec les liens qui ont marqués cette

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