Microsoft Releases ODF Implementation Notes for Office 2007 SP2

Today, Microsoft published our first set of document-format implementation notes for the ODF implementation in Office 2007 SP2.  These notes, which are available on the DII web site, provide detailed information about the design decisions that went into our implementation of ODF 1.1.

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See the press release for more information.

Doug Mahugh has posted a comprehensive blog post on what the implementation notes are, why we published them, and some examples of implementation notes.  From Doug’s post:

“This level of transparency is something that all implementers will benefit from, and we're hopeful that other implementers will also share these kinds of details about their design decisions. It's useful to understand the guiding principles that each implementer uses to make such decisions, but implementers also need to understand the specific details. With this information in hand, an implementer can make informed decisions about how to provide users with the best possible interoperability experience.”

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