Filtering Out the Groups that we Don’t Want – VB

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We are not interested in the groups that don’t contain code, so let's get rid of them.  To do this, we simply tack a call to the Where operator on the end:

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Dim groupedCodeParagraphs = paragraphsWithText _
    .GroupAdjacent(Function(p) p.Style) _
    .Where(Function(g) g.Key = "Code")

Now, when we run this, we see:

Group of paragraphs styled Code
Code         using System;
Code         class Program {
Code             public static void Main(string[] args) {
Code                 Console.WriteLine("Hello World");
Code             }
Code         }
Group of paragraphs styled Code
Code         Hello World

We're getting really close to what we want.  We only need to find the comment for each group.

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