Demo Files for the Open XML SDK Session at PDC

Zeyad presented this morning on the Open XML SDK at PDC.  You can view the video of the talk here – it’s on day four, titled Open XML Format SDK: Developing Open XML Solutions.  (The video will be available sometime on 10/31/2008).  The demos for that talk are attached as a zip file to this post.

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Blog TOCSome of these demos use the Adventure Works database.  You can download that database here.  This blog post provides my checklist for getting going with LINQ to SQL quickly.

Great job on the talk, Zeyad! J

PDC - Open XML

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  1. Doug Mahugh says:

    Stephen McGibbon has screenshots of the Open XML and ODF support coming in Windows 7 Wordpad , as announced

  2. Tezzy says:

    I missed Zeyad’s presentation at the DII workshop, so was nice to see this.  

    I did run into a problem though, and maybe it’s an oversight by me.  When trying to run the PresentationML sample for replacing the image part, there’s a missing Photo column in the AdventureWorks Person table that is referenced. Maybe there is an updated AW database that I missed somewhere. Thanks.

  3. Hey Tezzy,

    Sorry about that, it wasn’t an oversight on your part.  As it turned out, that database had been modified to include those images.  I’ll see if I can post a script / program to update the database with the images so that the example works.  It may be a few days before I can do so.  Alternatively, you can add the column, and put images into it to see the demo work.


  4. Matt says:

    Zeyad said that the solution files using AltChunk within SharePoint would also be supplied. Sorry I am about a year late on this topic, but I just came across this and it is very helpful.

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