Building an Office Business Application (OBA) that shows Integration of Office Client with SharePoint

Steve Fox and Bill Sheldon have put together an example application that shows deep integration of the Office Client with SharePoint.  Office Business Application (OBAs) such as this one address the gap between the idealized world where business processes follow a fixed procedure, and the real world, where processes are dynamic, collaborative, and much less structured.  Users of this OBA work in their familiar Microsoft Office environment, while interacting with their line-of-business data.

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This example shows customization of the Office Client Ribbon and Action Pane, custom Outlook Form Regions, integration with a SharePoint workflow, use of Open XML, and integration with Unified Communications.

You can find source code for this sample at  Steve and Bill have written an accompanying book, Professional Office Business Application Development: Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and VSTO, that explains how to build applications like these.

If you are building an OBA, this example application and book are invaluable resources.

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  1. shirley says:

    Good news for us.

    We have a tool called myDocs integrated with Outlook that allows document and email management. There is more information on this at

  2. VINAYAK says:


    I was badly in need of how to get the images

    and table and put it in flowdocument of wpf.

    any source help

    feel pain to say I have less time to manage.

    my id

  3. Hi Vinay,

    I haven’t done any work around converting images and table and putting them in a flowdocument of WPF.  You may want to take a look at TextGlow:


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