Open XML Adoption Numbers, and more from Zeyad Rajabi on Open XML SDK v2

Gray Knowlton has an interesting post on Open XML adoption numbers, and Zeyad Rajabi continues with his Open XML SDK series with a post on the architecture of the Open XML SDK v2.

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  1. franco says:

    Hi Eric

       I would like to know if newly created Office 14 documents will be made to conform to the strict conformance IS 29500 specs.

    Thank you

  2. Hi, Franco. Thanks for your question. Customers have made themselves perfectly clear on the issue of interoperability—they want it, and they expect Microsoft to take a leadership role in making it happen.  We think that’s a fair expectation, so we have made a long-term commitment to interoperability (check out our Interoperability Principles, announced in February).  We’re working closely with standards bodies around the world, including in ISO/IEC on the maintenance of Open XML and in OASIS on the maintenance of ODF.


    Open XML is substantially supported in Office already, and we do plan to update that support in the next version, codenamed “Office 14.” Details about “Office 14” have not been publicly disclosed, but I can tell you that it and future versions of Office will be developed in accordance with our Interoperability Principles.  We are focused on meeting the needs of our customers on interoperability and have announced support for a wide variety of document formats.


  3. buddhi says:

    please tell me how to create a simple pptx using open xml sdk,

    thank you very much

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