PDC 2008 – USB Hard Drive with All the Bits

Now this is just cool – all attendees at PDC 2008 will receive a 160GB hard drive that contains all the bits.  I remember in the past, attending conferences brought (for me) an unwelcome task – collecting and organizing all of the CDs/DVDs, making sure that I got all the ones I wanted, etc.  This is brilliant.

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Some folks have been confused by what the Software + Services PDC will be about.  In this 5 minute video on Channel 9, Mike Swanson explains how Software + Services will transform how we’ll think about, architect and develop software.

I believe that PDC 2008 will be an event that will mark a sea-change in our industry.  Be there if you can!


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  1. T says:

    $2300+ for registration? Your joking right? I guess the economy problems have not hit everyone.

  2. Jay R. Wren says:


    It is BOOTABLE to Windows 7 beta. If it isn’t, IT SHOULD BE!

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