Congratulations to a Couple of Cool People

When I was writing the LINQ to XML documentation, Ralf Lämmel was the program manager for LINQ to XSD, an incubation project in the data programmability group at Microsoft.  Ralf really helped me a lot in those days, both with questions on LINQ to XML, and questions around functional programming.  It was in email exchanges with Ralf that the lights started going on for me around functional programming.  So far, LINQ to XSD hasn't become a supported product (I don't know the product team's plans around it).  In any case, the strongly typed XML programming API of version 2 of the Open XML SDK was very much inspired and influenced by LINQ to XSD.

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I have a couple of predictions:

  • Open XML will be an important document standard for many, many years to come.
  • The Open XML SDK will be an important programming interface to Open XML documents for many, many years to come.

So Ralf, your work on LINQ to XSD will live on.  Congratulations and thanks!

Antonio Zamora of Staff DotNet won second place in VMWare Toolkit for Windows Scripting contest.  He used Power Tools for Open XML in his submission.  I've worked indirectly with Antonio for some time, and have seen him grow and develop.  Keep up the good work, Antonio!

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