Open XML SDK V2 at PDC 2008

Zeyad Rajabi, one of the program managers who worked on the Open XML SDK, and I will be presenting a joint session on version 2 of the Open XML SDK at PDC 2008, which takes place October 27 – 30.  Version 2 of the SDK builds on top of version 1 to provide you with a rich set of functionality that helps you deal with the underlying XML contained within each of the parts of a package.  The strongly typed nature of the V2 document object model of the SDK really shows its value when writing code – Intellisense comes to life!  We’ll be presenting lots of good information about the architecture of the SDK, using it with LINQ, as well as a lot of code samples and demos.  We’ll have a lot to cover, so we’ll be moving fast!


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In addition, both Zeyad and I will be staffing the Open XML booth in the Microsoft Product Pavillion and spending time in the lounges.  If you want to chat about functional programming, Open XML, or anything else, please stop by and introduce yourself!

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