Where is XmlLite.h?

For those who don't know, XmlLite is a very lightweight, fast pull parser that was introduced with the Vista SDK.  It is a native parser, not part of the managed API.  However, unlike MSXML, it's ok to use with .NET using COM interop.  There have been questions on how to use it - specifically, where to get the header and lib files for it.  In the future, there will be topics on MSDN that explain the information.  However, it will be some time before the information is published to MSDN.  Here is that info:

Installing XmlLite


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This topic provides information about installing XmlLite (Xmllite.dll) and the XmlLite development files, Xmllite.lib and Xmllite.h.

XmlLite Runtime File

The XmlLite runtime file, Xmllite.dll, is integrated into the following operating systems and products:

·         Windows Server 2008

·         Windows Vista

·         Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or later.

·         Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 or later.

·         Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later.

The XmlLite runtime (Xmllite.dll) is also available as a download from the XmlLite update page for the following operating systems:

·         Windows Server 2003 (32-bit with Service Pack 1 or x64 Editions)

·         Windows XP (32-bit with Service Pack 2 or x64 Editions)

XmlLite Development Files

To build applications with XmlLite, you must install the XmlLite development files, Xmllite.lib and Xmllite.h. These files are not included with the Xmllite.dll download; they are only provided in the Windows SDK for Vista. Note that you can install the SDK for Vista on Windows XP as well as on Vista. To install the SDK for Vista, see the SDK download page.

You do not have to install the entire Windows SDK to get Xmllite.lib and Xmllite.h. To get Xmllite.lib and Xmllite.h (as well as other .h and .lib files), select Header Files and the appropriate libraries for your computer (such as x86 Libraries) on the Installation Options page of the Windows SDK Setup Wizard.

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