A New Version of OpenXmlDiff (with a Graphical User Interface)

Here is something that is very, very cool!  Pranav Wagh has built a much improved version of OpenXmlDiff, with a graphical user interface.  And its free, already built (binaries available) on code.msdn.com/OpenXMLDiff.

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(Oct 27, 2008 - The Open XML SDK development team has built an Open XML Diff program that's very nice - find out about it here.)

When you start the program, you see a dialog box:

When you look at the HTML output, you see a beautiful window with deletions in red, additions in yellow, changes in green:

This program has all of the options I want or need: can select which types of changes to see, control type of output, and more.

This completely obviates my simple, crude OpenXmlDiff.  Pranav's utility now has a permanent spot in my toolkit.  I have it in my quick launch.

If you are a developer who works with Open XML, read his post, and download his utility.  Nice job, Pranav!

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  1. tarek says:

    How can I open this document using Open XML, If user applied RMS on it

  2. Smith says:

    I would like to try this file however I cannot access the link that you posted:


    No page will load.

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