PowerTools Script that Generates a Table in an Open XML Document

Sometimes you want to generate a wordprocessing document that contains a table.  I've created an XML file that contains customers and orders, and a PowerShell script that uses the PowerTools for Open XML that generates a set of documents, each containing a table:

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The script and the source XML file are attached.

See Automated Processing of Open XML Documents using PowerShell for more information on the PowerTools for Open XML


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  1. I often recommend peaple to keep an eye on CodePlex, these articles might tell you why : PowerTools Script

  2. Doug Mahugh says:

    Here are some interesting blog posts from the last week, as well as a few items I had missed while I

  3. Peter says:

    Hi Eric,

    Adding a table from Xml data or a database seems a pretty regular requirement. Am wondering if it's possible to add functionality to the PowerTools which would make it easier?

    Either just mapping rectangular Xml data to a table or using repeating content controls?

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Peter,

    You are right – there should be a far easier way to put together all sorts of content in a DOCX.  I have in mind a project with a small API that enables you to create all sorts of content and assemble it together into a DOCX.

    However, I have to do one thing at a time, and right now my hot project is completing the high-fidelity transform of DOCX to HTML.


    But you are absolutely right, what you suggest is really needed.


  5. Catherine says:

    Is there a newer version of this script?  It is only creating the files with Tai Yee an nothing else.

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