New Version of the Open XML SDK is Available for Download

Erika Ehrli has just posted the news that the April 2008 CTP of the Open XML SDK is now live on the web, and available for download!

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I'm really excited about the direction that the Open XML SDK team is taking.  My favorite new feature of the SDK is the ability to add annotations to parts, which enables a better programming experience when using LINQ to XML, my fav XML programming interface.

I recently posted on what annotations are, and what they are good for.  In addition, there is a topic in the Open XML SDK documentation that goes into greater depth.

•        Download Page:

•        Online docs:

•        Office Open XML Formats Resource Center:

•        XML in Office Developer Portal:

•        MSDN Forum: Open XML Format SDK:

I'm really impressed with the folks on the Open XML SDK team.  I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Good job, team!

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