Stop the Hypocrisy

Jan van den Beld has a great post that exposes the hypocisy of the anti-Open XML community.  An excerpt from his post:

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Many views should come to bear on decisions made in standards bodies. It is ok to represent your views. It’s healthy. But it seems inappropriate to me to tear down anyone and any organization who disagrees with you through allegations of corruption. It is time to move on, particularly when you are throwing rocks while living in a house with LOTS of glass. Let the voices of 61 countries around the world stand and stop the attacks, if only to stop highlighting your own hypocrisy.

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  1. Andre says:

    "They would have you believe that no one could possibly favor ratification without being bribed or manipulated. Indeed, it appears that they find it impossible to believe that anyone could possibly disagree with their views, despite the overwhelming number who do in fact disagree with this position."

    It is helpful to model the conflict with the term "interests". Show me the independent persons who do in fact disagree. No, sorry, a CompTIA lobbyist and former ECMA general secretary is the wrong person to weight into the debate.

    You try to rationalize the misconduct by shooting the messengers. It is easier to accept that misconduct and simply state the business interests involved. No one takes it personal…

  2. Luc Bollen says:

    Eric, I’m sorry, but Jan van den Beld just exposes the hypocrisy of Microsoft and partners, using the well known tactic of accusing others of your own wrong-doing.

    This is really pathetic, and will fool nobody.

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