Czech Republic Votes Yes on DIS 29500

Stephen McGibbon has posted on Czech Republic voting "Yes" on Open XML.  The CNI press release is here.

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CNI is an ISO/IEC JTC1 P Member.

An excerpt from the press release:

During processing the standard proposal ISO/IEC DIS 29500 CNI was observing the maximum openness and transparency of the whole process and created conditions allowing every interested person to join the expert discussion. All received suggestions were carefully discussed and their enlistment into the standard proposal considerably contributed to the improvement of its technical expertise.

Comments (3)

  1. André says:

    Yes, I spotted the cynism when I read the CNI announcement.

    I was very delighted to see you quote that phrase.

    I understand that you want to let ODF win through the adoption of OOXML as an international standard but I don’t care much about ODF. I think the CNI took an irrational decision. I believe in the homeostasis of the international standard system.

    If you pervert the international standard system to get OOXML approved it would be a standard from a perverted system.

    And I am sure you will get the other votes as well.


  2. Actually, I didn’t spot any cynicism in the CNI announcement.  Did you mean to say that you spotted it with cynicism?

    I know that you will discount this, but what I saw was that ECMA addressed the CZ comments in good faith, and CZ responded to an honest, diligent effort to improve the standard.

  3. Andre says:

    Yes, but the point was not only to resolve the Czech comments (as you pretend) but the whole issues of the specification. It is all about hurrying now. It would be more appropriate to fix the specification and reintroduce it. It would not result in the loss of a lot of time. And there would be less objections to a fixed specification. I find it completely irrational to approve the specification in its current form and it would result in further havoc in the ISO process.

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