LINQ to XML Beta1 Docs are On-Line

First, I'm back blogging after a long absence - the last post was in October last year. I have my excuses! First, I was on paternity leave for the month of Dec. Second, I have been doing a deep dive into the LINQ to XML docs, and sometimes when I do a deep dive, I forget to take care of other essential tasks. Anyway, the LINQ to XML docs are coming along. I am not unhappy with the beta1 docs, and I am happy with the beta2 docs.

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The Beta1 docs are on-line. You can see them here:

Please comment on the docs.

When you are viewing the docs through the document browser in Visual Studio, you can leave comments via the link 'send comments on this topic' at the bottom of each documentation topic. I don't know any way currently to leave feedback for me with the on-line docs, but if I find out how, I'll post it on this blog.

However, I encourage anyone to send feedback directly to me. You can send it to me through the "Email" link on the home page of this blog. I will respond to all feedback, and enter bugs into our bug tracking system as appropriate.

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