How to Create a Report of Checked Out Files in TFS

TFS does not offer a report of checked out, or pending changes file list. The options to identify these files in a single view are either to use the TF.exe utility, or Attrice Sidekicks.

TF.exe Utility:

The TF.exe utility is run from a developers command prompt (Visual Studio is installed) and has several different switches to complete different options. This page describes the Status command to output the records for a collection

An example from my lab to export all checked files is the following and will export to a text file.

tf status /collection: /recursive /login:user,password > D:\_Scratch\checkedout.txt

you can narrow the scope on the command to a team project, or to a source folder.

If the end part of the command is removed, the output will be displayed to the command window as such:






The utility can be downloaded from and the status pane will show the checked out files for the entire team project collection.






Select the Save button and the list of files will be saved to a .csv file and this can be imported into a database, or other utility to create a report. This may be your best option to create a report.

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