Did you know Microsoft makes a mocking tool? Meet the latest version of Pex

No? Nor me. (If you are wondering what Mocking is, check out my previous post on Mocking, Stubs and Test Doubles.) I am at TechEd Europe this week in Berlin, speaking on Entity Framework 4.0 and manning the .NET Framework stand. Behind the .NET Framework stand is the Pex and Code Contracts stand manned by…


Visual Studio Myths – busted wide open

The team and I were having a conversation about developers (we do that from time to time). It went something like: “Isn’t it a shame that so many developers are stuck on Visual Studio 2005 when Visual Studio 2008 would be way better for them and Visual Studio 2010 is just around the corner” “Why…


Secure your Visual Basic 6.0 investment with Microsoft .NET

[Reminder: This blog is moving to http://geekswithblogs.net/iupdateable] Over the last couple of months I have been working with Sarah in my group to pull together something which hopefully will help the many companies in the UK who continue to have a significant investment in Visual Basic 6.0  – and we did it with virtually no…


Last few spaces for UK MSDN events in February

I have just seen the internal report on registrations – and we are now down to the last handful of spaces in each venue. Act now if you want to come along and hear about WPF/Silverlight – London (10th), Birmingham (12th), Edinburgh (24th) and Manchester (26th).


My “technology themes” for 2009

I thought it would be useful to start 2009 by briefly summarising what you should expect to find on this blog over the coming months. Data: I will continue to spend time looking at what Microsoft and others are up to around working with data. You should expect to see plenty of posts on the…


Are you an ISV in the UK who could benefit from a free design review with Microsoft?

You may recall that my previous role was working with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to help them explore and adopt the latest technologies from Microsoft. In that role I introduced something called a Technology Roadmap Review. Many years on and we have a more public offering for UK ISVs  – a FastTrack Architecture Review. It…


Anybody for some free (and clever!) Visual Studio 2008 training?

In the UK we are working with InnerWorkings to create a great offer of training to UK developers. We still have some stuff to sort out but I am hopeful that we will be able to share the details of this very early in 2009. In my previous depth role we used InnerWorking successfully to…


Feedback appreciated on draft screencast on VB6 and the options to move to .NET

I am working with partners to pull together guidelines, resources and special promotions on tools to help UK companies with VB6 make the right choice around moving (or not) to .NET. This will happen early in 2009. There will be a new landing page with the information and on that page will be a link…


SQL Server 2008 for Developers – slides

Just testing out SlideShare for making ppts more discoverable. This is the deck I did for the NxtGenUG Southampton. You can also get the links from http://blogs.msdn.com/ukdevevents. What do you think? A useful way for us to share decks as well as on MSDN? SQL Server 2008 Overview View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own….


UK developer events for first part of 2009 – registration open

We have been busy over the last few weeks looking at our schedule of events for early 2009. In February we will be delivering half day MSDN events at  four locations covering Silverlight and WPF “from scratch” (Three locations published at time of writing and accepting registrations). Currently I am not needed for these 🙁…