SAAS Workshop March 5th: Second thoughts – panic

20th Feb DAY 2 of 7 On the 15th I wrote a blog entry about the SAAS workshop we are running after I realised I had at best 7 days. Doesn’t time fly! Unfortunately lots of other stuff is getting between me and SAAS – and therefore I haven’t made anything like the progress I…


Want to play with Windows Server 2003 – download our Virtual Machine

One of my early adopters was trying to play with the SAAS Litware sample – but didn’t have a Windows Server 2003 machine “handy” which is required for Litware. After a bit of searching I found just what he needed – a downloadable Windows Server 2003 Image. Enjoy. NB: it is a Windows Server 2003…


SAAS Architecture in 9mins and 54 seconds – with added fun for FREE!

Fred and Gianpaolo “do their thing”, talking about SAAS and the creation of Litware sample SAAS application – and the video editor has some fun along the way! Video: Architects in Action – The Making of LitwareHR


SAAS Workshop on March 5th: don’t panic!

15th February DAY 1 of  7 Richard (knows about customers), William (knows about hosters) and myself (knows about ISVs – and knew I didn’t want to be alone with this!) are running a SAAS Workshop at the Architect Insight Conference on March 5th (spaces still exist – try not to be put off by this post!)….


SAAS Sample Application available for download with code

I am pleased to say that we have released our sample application for SAAS. Using the latest Microsoft technologies such as .NET Framework 3.0 and SQL Server 2005, LitwareHR implements single-instance multi-tenancy patterns. I haven’t yet started to dissect the sample – but I most certainly will be as I will be using it as part…