Which SQL Server 2005 features are folks intersted in?

I was just browsing the very good http://www.SqlServerCentral.com and came across a survey they conducted in March (not sure how I missed it) on which features of 2005 folks were most keen to have… You will need to register to see it, however it is well worth a quick scan. I am a sucker for surveys…

Recommend article on SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

An area of SQL Server I have somehow avoided is Analysis Services – and I plan to address that this year. So I was pleased to come across this article Analysis Services Comparison: SQL 2000 vs. SQL 2005 . 

Is your database ready for SQL Server 2005?

We recently released the SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer (BPA). This little tool allows you to check a SQL Server 2000 instance to see if it is following best practices – best practices that we have identified in the product groups, in our support organisation and in our daily interaction with our customer and partners….

SQL Server 2005 Technical Links

Last Updated: July 26th 2004Last Check of Links: July 26th 2004Spot something wrong/missing? – Send me feedback and I will fix. Tx. SQL Server 2005 Technical Links: I built up this list while working with UK ISVs on beta 1 of SQL Server 2005 and plan to keep it up to date until I find…


SQL Server 2005 Express – a better MSDE….

Over the years I have worked with a number of ISVs that have needed a client side small footprint RDBMS – and found most of what they were looking for in MSDE. Whilst there is plenty of goodness in MSDE for this scenario, it also gave some challenges – commonly in the area of the…