FREE Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure e-book (Jan 2014)

Not the one I did back in 2010 (which is now horribly out of date!), rather a shiny new one which walks you through a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions. It covers the development process as well as … Continue reading →

Fix to blank LightSwitch app bug with Visual Studio 2012

I needed to populate a database I’m designing with some test data and thought to myself “LightSwitch will be ideal to knock out some screens”. One hour later I got a LightSwitch screen to actually display! Until then all I … Continue reading →

Blend for Visual Studio 2012 nice touch #2

Following on from nice touch #1… I disliked the way old versions of Blend relied on something as a subtle as a few pixels of colour to tell you something relatively important. Circa 2010 Circa 2013 although admittedly this doesn’t … Continue reading →

Blend for Visual Studio 2012 nice touch #1

[Really I’m just testing out twitterfeed which has failed for me… but I needed something to post on ] I’m just skimming through some blend tips by Mike from 2010 and  spotted a nice touch in Blend for Visual Studio … Continue reading →

Slides and links from Windows 8 Round Table 29th Nov 2012

If you attended the event yesterday in London then firstly, thank you for coming and secondly, you can find the slides we used attached to this post or via this direct link. The tips I listed in my part of … Continue reading →

Windows Store Tips:Follow the company developer account guidelines

[Windows Store Tips] When you create a developer account on the Windows 8 store you can either create a company account or an individual account. I have seen several companies get into a “bit of a pickle” with store company … Continue reading →

Installing an application on Windows RT for testing is simple pimple

There appears to be a small myth that getting a Windows 8 store app on a Windows RT device  during development is complicated. I think this stems from a) some of the (quite complex) blogosphere posts on Windows RT and … Continue reading →

101 WinRT Controls and Frameworks

Last updated 24th October 2012. Ok, not quite 101 but I’m sure we will get there If I have missed something, please share with a comment. Enjoy! UX Frameworks – commercial · RadControls for Windows 8 – 15+ native controls … Continue reading →