My “technology themes” for 2009

I thought it would be useful to start 2009 by briefly summarising what you should expect to find on this blog over the coming months. Data: I will continue to spend time looking at what Microsoft and others are up to around working with data. You should expect to see plenty of posts on the…


SQL Server 2008 for Developers - slides

Just testing out SlideShare for making ppts more discoverable. This is the deck I did for the NxtGenUG Southampton. You can also get the links from What do you think? A useful way for us to share decks as well as on MSDN? SQL Server 2008 Overview View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own….


And the winner is… LINQ to Entities and the ADO.NET Entity Framework

In 2001 we first demonstrated Object Relational Mapping (ORM) technology for .NET – ObjectSpaces. However it has taken 6+ years to get to the point where we have released an ORM. Actually we released two. The release of Visual Studio 2008 in November 2007 gave us our first shipping ORM – LINQ to SQL. The…


Links for QBS Event Wed 17th Sept

As promised, the links from my session today on the new data stuff on 3.5 and 3.5 SP1. Thanks for listening. General ADO.NET Team Blog Mike in our team ( search Entity or LINQ ) Data Platform Developer Centre Datasets  LINQ LINQPad ADO.NET Entity Framework EF Dev Manager FAQ…


A few rough edges in our shiny new Data stack

We have a rather impressive set of new technologies for working with data – LINQ, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities, Data Services, ASP.NET Dynamic Data etc. What I am finding is… they don’t all get on with each other as well as you might have thought. My current battle is using ADO.NET Data Services…


Leeds Events in Nov and Dec – SQL Server Data Services, Entity Framework and more

Just had confirmation that we have added two more MSDN half day events for November and December. Hope to see you there. Nov 19th  Dec 3rd 


LINQ Overview concept map #2

Just started the day with a swift play with my original concept map.


My first concept map – LINQ overview

Well – my first using a tool inspired by Udi. Took…maybe 5 minutes. Very sweet. Clearly this could be exploded out into much more detail – but I have real work to do 🙂


Microsoft Sync Framework released

Ok – I will be honest, I forgot it hadn’t actually released (It is tough keeping on top of the staggered releases we have at the moment!) This is a shameful cut and paste from Microsoft Sync Framework includes the latest version of Sync Services for ADO.NET.  A great deal of work has gone…


SQL Server 2008 is finished – break out the bubbly

SQL Server 2008 RTM’d yesterday (August 6th). It is already available on MSDN subscriber downloads Express edition doesn’t appear to be up there yet. Well done to the team.