Windows mobile devices get 30.5% market share :-)

Ok… it doesn’t really but this still cheered my Thursday eve.

Whilst perusing the blog of BF3  I spotted that publisher behemoth EA  were doing an “innocent poll” on mobile devices. 

As background, BF3 is arguably the game of 2011 which puts PC gaming back on the map for mainstream FPS fans, easily outshining what will be available for Consoles. It is also worth pointing out that the poll isn’t so innocent in the sense that EA are making a massive push into mobile gaming – which also happens to include the unveiling this week of a version of BF3 for iPad (Check out some shaky camera footage from Gamescon in Germany). I’m sure EA are very interested in any and all intel they can get on device market share.

Anyway, I was chuffed to see Windows doing so well in a poll unlikely to have been chased down by fanboys of any camp. Go Windows 🙂


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