FREE Windows Azure Platform Compute and Storage through the Cloud Essentials Pack for Partners

It can be difficult to find something to look forward to in January – but this year it was a little easier as a) I got lots of great Xbox 360 games and b) the Windows Azure Platform element of the Cloud Essentials Pack for Microsoft Partner Network partners went live.

I have previously explained what the Cloud Essentials Pack is and how you can access – but at the time I couldn’t share the details of the Windows Azure Platform element.

The Windows Azure Platform element is now available. It gives you each month, for FREE:

Windows Azure:

  • 750 hours of extra small compute instance
  • 25 hours of small compute instance
  • 3GB of storage and 250,000 storage transactions

SQL Azure:

  • 1 SQL Azure Web Edition database (5GB)

Windows Azure AppFabric:

  • App Fabric with 100,000 Access Control transactions and 2 Service Bus connections


  • Data Transfer:  3GB in and 6GB out

(More details of the offer)

To activate this offer

You need to:

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