FREE three days of online SharePoint 2010 development training for UK software houses Feb 9th to 11th

I have been working to get a SharePoint development course delivered online in February and March – online means lots of opportunities to ask questions. The first dates are now in place.

The training is being delivered as a benefit for companies signed up to Microsoft Platform Ready. It is intended for UK based companies who develop software products*


Day 1 (Live Meeting 3 hours) 1:30 - 4:30
•         Getting Started with SharePoint: Understand why and how to start developing for SharePoint 2010
•         SharePoint 2010 Developer Roadmap:  Explore the new capabilities and features
•         UI Enhancements: How to take advantage of the many UI enhancements including the fluent UI ribbon and  extensible dialog system.
Day 2 (Live Meeting 3 hours) 1:30 - 4:30
•         Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint 2010: Overview of the project and item templates and a walkthrough of the designers
•         Sandboxed Solutions: The new deployment model can help mitigate the risk of deploying custom code  
•         LINQ to SharePoint:  SharePoint now fully supports LINQ for querying lists
Day 3 (Live Meeting 3 hours) 1:30 - 4:30
•         Client Object Model: The Client OM can be accessed via web services, via a client (JavaScript) API, and via REST
•         Accessing External Data: Business Connectivity Services (BCS) enables integration with back end systems
•         Workflow: A powerful mechanism to create functionality using Windows Workflow Foundation

Register for FREE (and tell your colleagues – we have a pretty decent capacity)

To take advantage of this you need to:

  • Sign your company up to Microsoft Platform Ready and record your SharePoint interest against one of your companies products
  • Navigate to the “Get Technical Benefits” tab for SharePoint and click on Register Today
  • You will then ultimately get an email with details of the Live Meeting to join on the 9th. But you should also favourite the team blog for any last minute details


* Such companies are often referred to as an Independent Software Vendors. My team is focused on companies that create products used by many other companies or individuals. That could be a packaged product you can buy "off the shelf" or a Web Site offering a service - the definition is actually pretty wide these days 🙂 What it does not include is a company building software which will only be used by its own people.

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