Researching runtime technologies (Xmas fun with HTML5)

The Internet Explorer 9.0 team just posted about Pirates love Daises. This is a showcase game for the power of HTML 5 running inside IE 9.0 – and the author has done a fantastic job (you can get more details from Grant’s blog post).

A game developer is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) – a B2C  ISV. In my role I don’t (typically) work with B2C ISVs, hence a reasonable question is “Why blog about it?”. I think applications like this demonstrate the power of HTML 5 and IE9 for delivering really rich user experiences which have the promise of working cross browser and cross platform - in the future as HTML5 capable browsers become the norm. Microsoft is investing heavily in implementing a great “run time” in IE9 if cross platform is an important requirement for your UX.

And the other reason for blogging this… it is nearly Xmas and we all should be having a little more fun on the run in. Hence you can play with confidence that your defence to your manager is “I’m just researching a powerful runtime that Microsoft is working on which could be significant to our future B2B product directions” Smile

Play now (Needs HTML 5 browser such as IE9)


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