Is your company successfully applying Application Lifecycle Management?

imageTwo separate emails arrived in my Inbox.

Email #1: The results of  detailed survey of UK ISVs which we had commissioned – what makes them tick etc. In that survey it stated “76% of ISVs do not use any ALM tools”. It also stated that of those that did, most only did the basics. I#m not surprised … but I am disappointed.

Email #2: The wonderful Black Marble have gone all Xmasy and are offering Visual Studio ALM health checks with chances to win an Xbox 360 + Kinect each week of Dec.

It therefore seemed obvious to me that I should do my little bit to address an obvious issue from Email #1 with an obvious solution from email #2.

Check out 5 Great Reasons to get an ALM health check  and then to find out more, call 01274 300175 or visit

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