Two FREE events: Silverlight FireStarter and using Bing with SQL Server 2008 December 2nd

I’m on holiday the 2nd of December (Its our 21st anniversary which is mind bogglingly aweseome ) so I had been rather ignoring what was going on workwise on the 2nd. My mistake as we have two cool learning opportunities.

First up we have the Silverlight Firestarter. This is a free one day global, live streamed and on demand event which is being keynoted by the amazing Scott Guthrie (Well – I find him amazing) which will cover everything from the future of Silverlight to tips and tricks.

Register now  

Agenda in PST (Starts 5pm UK time. Finishes 12:30am)


The second event is 60mins on Unlocking the spatial data stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 via the Data Connector (download from Code Plex). This web cast will introduce DataConnector and relevant components and deep dive on Microsoft Bing Maps and Microsoft SQL Server 2008’s spatial features and APIs.  This takes place at 2pm EST which by my reckoning is 7pm UK time.

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