I’m speaking at Software Architect 2010 in October

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I’m very pleased to report I have managed to slip past the quality police and get to speak for the third year in a row at the excellent Software Architect conference in London. Which makes it the only “long running” conference that I have a 100% record on speaking at year on year which gives it an extra special significance. How much longer before I am found out 🙂

This conference attracts some great speakers including the likes of Kevlin Henney, Neal Ford and Tim Ewald (oh – and me). If you are a software/solution architect then I would definitely recommend you check out whether the sessions this year are something that would help you grow and make great technology/architecture choices in your organisation.

I am delivering a brand new session - which means I need to create it 🙂

10 things every architect needs to know about Windows Azure
In this session we will look at the 10 most architecturally significant features of the Windows Azure platform which directly impact how you architect solutions if you plan to deploy in the Cloud.

Maybe see you there…


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