MSDN Flash Podcast Show 009 – Tom Quinn discusses Test Doubles, Mocking and Coding Dojos

[Amazingly – I actually got this podcast done before the MSDN Flash newsletter it accompanies 🙂 Despite my hoster trying very hard to turn my hair grey to get this posted! Grrrrrr. ]
[Apologies in advance if you have problems downloading it. I am working right now on getting this series of podcasts up on to give a much more reliable download provider. If you do have issues you can grab it from my Skydrive]

This podcast is an interview with Tom Quinn in which we start off discussing his article on Test Doubles before moving on to Coding Dojos and finishing with a spot of “has software development really improved in the last 20 years”. The interview starts 7 minutes in after I complete a brief summary of the newsletter.

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