Are you a UK company selling applications that work great on Windows 7?

A few years back I was the technical owner for SQL Server 2005 readiness in the UK with Independent Software Vendors. One of the things we did at the time was put together a detailed catalogue of UK developed applications that worked great with SQL Server 2005. My marketing buddy at the time was Ian Moulster and I just spotted he is doing something similar for Windows 7. Check out Ians explanation or..

   1:  if (YourCompany.Country == UK && YourApplication.SupportedOS == OS.Win7)
   2:  {
   3:      Email.SendEmail("", 
   4:                      YourCompanyLogo.HighRes, 
   5:                      "Quote on why Windows 7", 
   6:                      "Name of person to associate quote with", 
   7:                      "Title of person", 
   8:                      "Application Name", 
   9:                      "Industry sector", 
  10:                      "URL of product or company");
  11:  }

Technically the application doesn’t yet need to work on Windows 7 but will need to work by October.

P.S. Yep the “code” above has scope for many improvements. First up it should be written in Ruby 🙂

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