NEric discovers Dimecasts – a great resource for none-Microsoft .NET technologies and tools

I am in step 1 of Project NEric. Step 1 is “Identify the specific technologies, tools and approaches I want to explore”. There are a lot of possible tools and technologies that could fit within the scope of Project NEric and lots of ways of learning enough about them to make an informed decision on which (combination!) to go with. However one resource that stuck out for me this week is the excellent

Dimecasts includes lots of great short videos on just the sort of technologies NEric will be looking at – Mocking, ORMs (NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate), IOC containers, source control (Subversion), TDD, specific application frameworks such as S#arp and more.

Top stuff and I’m finding it really helpful to get a real feel for specific technologies before committing any significant time on them.

For example when looking at a mocking technology I was considering Moq and Rhino.Mocks. Dimecasts gives me:

And lots more besides. I will let you know how I get on – in the meantime, enjoy!

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  1. Thanks will surely look into this …..

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