Maybe see you at DDD South West this Saturday 23rd May

In my “work role” I often speak at events/conferences but I rarely get to just be an attendee soaking up the information from other speakers. This Saturday is the latter though. I am heading down to Taunton (a little over an hour for me) to attend I do have an “official role” of sorts – I am the “room counter”. Which means you should easily spot me. I will be the one with my socks off using fingers and toes to get a tally of the folks attending each session.

Now back to my plans for the day. The event has three normal tracks plus a “weird one” which has formats such as “Park Bench Discussion” and “Balloon Debate”. Park Bench sounds like the “Goldfish Bowl” format used at SPA which can be awesome.

This is my plan A and plan B 🙂


P.S. There is a rumour of cream tea and cornish pasties. Top stuff.

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